Courage to Fly

Is It For Me?

Take this self-assessment and find out!

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your reaction to each of the following questions?

1 = no investment - doesn't really relate to me
10 = completely invested - absolutely me

  1. Regardless of weather conditions, time, or distance, would you rather drive rather than fly?
  2. Do you suffer anxiety days or even months ahead of a scheduled flight?
  3. Have you had a panic attack associated with flying, the preparation for a flight or driving others to the airport?
  4. Do you have "grin and bear it", or white-knuckle flights, trying to keep your secret from others?
  5. Do you use alcohol and/or medications to overcome flight anxiety?
  6. Are you willing to disappoint family, employers and even yourself by missing:
    • Marriages
    • Visiting ill family or friends
    • Business engagements
    • Vacations
    • Funerals
  7. Have you given up job opportunities rather than fly?
  8. Do you explain your reluctance to fly by saying:
    • I am a control freak.
    • I am a perfectionist.
    • I would be OK if I flew the plane.
    • I am claustrophobic.
    • I would be OK if I could get out anytime I wanted.
    • I would be OK if there were no turbulence.
    • I am afraid because I don't want something to happen to me and leave my children behind.

If you have come to this website, it indicates that you are struggling with some fear of flying. Any yes answers show where and how much needless energy you are spending on avoiding flying rather than embracing your other more important personal goals.

You are a candidate for this program!