Courage to Fly


Courage To Fly . . .
and Courage to Try Your Own Wings

What is coaching?

  • Having a co-creative partner for motivating, challenging, supporting, encouraging and facilitating you in your unique goals.
  • Individually working with you, one of the courageous people, who are ready to challenge themselves to take hold of their life and air travel experience.
  • Developing and Creating ways to maximize your life experiences.

Personalized coaching for the Courage To Fly program

The Courage To Fly program is specifically for those who are brave... Yes! Brave enough to challenge what you fear, brave enough to have your life back in your own charge.

We work together to develop your own unique in-flight program. Instead of working on your program alone, you will work within a supportive and collaborative structure to challenge your fear of flying and develop your in-flight program. My past coaching experience has proven to me that most clients benefit within a few sessions.

Options in developing the CD in-flight program

Independent development

If you choose to develop your CD in-flight program independently, you will find the structured outline inside the CD jacket. You use the suggested areas to contemplate over and then you fill out the information that is important for you. This is a process, and I recommend that you play the CD repeatedly so that the information and exercises become familiar and easily come to your mind. You are also welcome to visit me through my e-mail with questions.

Second chance and combining strategies

There are times that people have started out on their own to develop their program and then find that in addition they would like more personal one to one assistance. You are welcome to contact me. We will then set up a schedule for coaching sessions. The number of sessions varies. But frequently just a few coaching sessions are needed to reinforce the process developed in the CD program.

Private coaching sessions

As your courage coach, I am catalyst and motivational partner in the process of any or all of the following:

  • Identifying your initial goals to face your fear of flying
  • Defining your commitment statement
  • Identifying specific trigger words (see articles pages)
  • Developing fear management techniques
  • How to create your personalized support system
  • Practice for using the CD Courage To Fly during your flights
  • Strengthen your independence level
  • Sustain your motivation and progress to implement your goals
  • Creating a system of inner balance you can use in all areas of your life
  • Build your confidence for using your new skills in all areas of life

Coaching Beyond Courage To Fly: Develop Courage to Try Your Own Wings

"Suddenly a mist fell from my eyes and I knew the way I had to take."
-- Edvard Grieg, composer

Frequently those who conquered their fear of flying find new and exciting possibilities for creating other options opening up their lives. Through our coaching sessions, I can continue to encourage and support your new goals. I see this as supporting your new courage and to try your own wings.

I use the metaphor Courage To Fly as the perfect way to face fear and pilot your own life, because challenging fear always requires developing confidence and courage to step outside one's comfort zone.

Courage to Try Your Own Wings is a metaphor for the next step, which is to actively plan and create new areas of your life. Our coaching sessions will focus on supporting your self confidence, imagination and personal strengths and maximizing all your life experiences.

  • fear can sneak in and sap the energy you need for taking the important new steps to realize your exciting goals.
  • when the energy of a jet engine is used in reverse it acts as the airplane's brake.
  • you can use your energy to go forward and do what you really want to do, or like in a jet engine your energy can act as a brake and distraction to prevent you from feeling secure and ready to try.
  • this is when making the commitment to try your own wings is crucial.

Whether you are unsure of what goal you want to tackle first or you have one of the following goals as an example:

  • Retiring
  • Looking for a new job
  • Asking for that promotion
  • Starting your own business
  • Developing new or better relationship dynamics
  • Starting a new education
  • Starting a new career
  • Developing a musical, artistic or other talents
  • Trying new life adventures just for fun

I look forward to hearing from you. Coaching is a personal relationship and built upon trust and collaboration. If you are new to my coaching program, you can explore the coaching information further on this site, or you are most welcome to contact me personally for more information. We can start with a complimentary 30 minute session to decide if we will continue together towards coaching your personal goals. Be sure to check into setting up a complimentary 30 minute session to investigate how this can work out best for you.

"Discover how the Courage To Fly can expand as a metaphor into additional areas of your life. Once people conquer their fear of flying they often are ready to try their wings in new ways. See the testimonials of people who have gone on beyond their fear of flying to take their Courage to Try Your Own Wings to create new and interesting life adventures."
-- Robin Fay-Mc Nair