Courage to Fly

About Robin

Coach, Pilot and Therapist

"As a coach, pilot and therapist, I found flying to be the perfect metaphor for life. First my clients change their fear by finding their courage, and then they go on to take charge of other exciting areas of their lives."
Robin Fay-McNair, MS

Robin Fay-McNair, MS twenty years of mental health experience, coach, therapist and pilot

  • ten years counselor for a fear of flying clinic in the Seattle area
  • coaches those who take the courage to change their lives 
  • received her private pilot's license in 1984
  • member of the Ninety-Nines, an international women's pilot organization
  • recognition by the Seattle Times for her work using humor in therapy
  • specializes in combining flight knowledge with psychology to effect change from letting fear stir one´s life to being the pilot of one´s life 

Robin uses humor to help:

  • break emotional and mental blocks in old ways of thinking
  • find new perspectives to open up alternative solutions

Robin's Credentials

Personal Coach (working on ICF certification)

Pilot, 1984-Present

  • Private License
  • Instrument Rated
  • Member of "99's" International Women Pilots Assoc.

Psychological Training, 16 Years

  • Private Practice/Personal Coaching, Family/Indivdual Therapy
  • Fear of Flying Clinic
  • Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Community Youth Services