Courage to Fly


With coach, therapist and pilot
Robin Fay-McNair, MS

A program for conquering the fear of flying

Safety records show that commercial air travel is the safest of all means of transportation. In spite of these records, millions of people world-wide experience needless fears and fearful hours of flying. Some also restrict their personal and professional lives to avoid commercial air travel.

Maybe you recognize yourself or those feelings of fear, guilt, anxiety, conflict, shame, humiliation, stark terror or dread when having to fly or even thinking of flying. Many have overcome these feelings through the Courage To Fly program. By looking at this website, you have already made a first step to reach out for a solution. Courage To Fly is a program for anyone who has the courage to face fear and to take control of their own flying experience.

Coach, therapist and pilot Robin Fay-McNair will work together with you on your in-depth and personalized program.

"In the twenty years of international experience with those who have feared to fly, I have seen over and over again that once people experience their courage to fly, their lives make truly remarkable changes. It is my hope you will be among those whose courage to fly becomes the beginning for other new and positive life possibilities."
-- Robin Fay-McNair, MS